Remember This 1a

Each week, loyal fans from all over the world tune in to Brad Dison’s Remember This? podcast or read his newspaper column of the same name.  Both relate mysteries involving famous figures and historical events such as assassination attempts, chance meetings, famous friendships, lost love, airplane crashes, duels, and murders.  Remember This? Real Stories about Real People …with a Twist, is a collection of 50 incredible but true stories about the world you only thought you knew.  Order your signed copy here.



Bienville Parish Bienville Parish, founded in 1848, is located in central north Louisiana. While perhaps most well-known for its ties to outlaws Bonnie and Clyde, Bienville Parish has a rich timber and railroad history that has shaped the community for over a century. Settlers moved into the region to take advantage of its flourishing industry, but it was community that led people to put down roots in the area. Religion and education formed the basis of everyday life in the rural region. In this photographic history, Bienville Parish is depicted through the lives of the people who inhabited the area. Although its size has decreased in recent years, the people who still reside in the parish have made it a priority to preserve the memories for future generations.  Available in paperback or eBook.   Order your copy here.

Whiskey and Blood A naked killer flees from police, a shootout on Main Street, a fight between police and bootleggers on the running board of a fast-moving Ford Model T, and courtroom drama which went all the way to the United States Supreme Court. The adoption of the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution spawned an era of lawlessness. Bootleggers and law enforcement officers fought what seemed like a never ending battle, and many people died as a result. In the middle of the prohibition era, four Louisiana officers were killed in the line of duty while enforcing prohibition laws in a two week period. Whiskey and Blood is the shocking but true story of the events leading up to the deaths of officers Neill Yarborough, Sample Toms, Sam Duhon and W.E. Collins, and the aftermath which followed.  Available in paperback or eBook.   Order your copy here.

Natchitoches Historic District

Grab your most comfortable pair of walking shoes and explore historic Natchitoches with the Natchitoches Historic District Walking Tour, the only self-guided walking tour book of Natchitoches, as your guide. Natchitoches is the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase. This book will help you plan before you leave home. It provides information on where to eat, sleep, shop, and what to see and do. The self-guided walking tour covers 58 sites in the Historic District. Getting from site to site is easy when using the included maps and pictures of each site. For the technologically savvy traveler, plug in the included addresses for each site into your smartphone and you will surely stay on track. The walking tour gives you the flexibility to see the sites you want to see, when you want to see them. This book is sure to enrich your time in the Historic District.  Available in paperback or eBook.   Order your copy here.