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Remember This? Volume 2, More Real Stories about Real People …with a Twist is comprised of 50 true stories involving famous figures and historical events such as airplane and helicopter crashes, shootouts, thievery, alter egos, unexpected birthday gifts, a love triangle, daring escapes, kidnappings, and much more.  Click here to order.


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Each week, loyal fans from all over the world tune in to Brad Dison’s Remember This? podcast or read his newspaper column of the same name.  Both relate mysteries involving famous figures and historical events such as assassination attempts, chance meetings, famous friendships, lost love, airplane crashes, duels, and murders.  Remember This? Real Stories about Real People …with a Twist, is a collection of 50 incredible but true stories about the world you only thought you knew.  Click here to order.



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“Remember This?” is a weekly newspaper column and podcast which presents the reader with little-known or forgotten facts about a well-known historical figure(s) or historical event with a key element held back until the end to build curiosity.  The articles/episodes focus on historical figures such as the Wright Brothers, Charles Dickens, Elvis Presley, “Teddy” Roosevelt, as well as historical events such as a chance meeting of Lincoln and Booth, and a man who plunged down Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Brad is a contributing author for the scholarly journal entitled Louisiana History, and has published nonfiction history books.  He is a member of Phi Alpha Theta history honors society.  Brad earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Northwestern State University and a master’s degree in history from Louisiana Tech University.

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