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Classic “Little Boy” Catfishing Noodles 

The Classic or Original “Little Boy” Catfishing Noodles are made of the best quality materials available.  Each one comes Ready To Fish.  Just Add Bait!!!  


  • Each noodle is 14″ long and the outer diameter is 2″.
  • Bright pink color makes them easier to spot from longer distances.
  • Reflective tape makes them much easier to see at night with a spotlight.  (This is required in several states)
  • The PVC inner pipe comes with caps glued on each end to keep them waterproof for life.
  • The 5′ line is braided masonry line which won’t unravel or fray like twisted line.
  • The slip egg sinker is tied 6″ above the hook.  If you would prefer the sinker not to slip, just tie a simple knot above the sinker at the preferred height.
  • The circle hook sets much easier than other hooks.
  • Assembled and shipped from a small family business in Louisiana, the Sportsman’s Paradise.
  • Just add the bait of your choice and you’re ready to fish.

I wear many hats.  I’m a professional historian, newspaper editor, syndicated columnist, and author.  Fishing is what I do to relax.  I also enjoy filming fish in their natural habitat.  Click on the image above to see my fishing videos and please subscribe to my channel.  

Fishing in north Louisiana is always interesting.  On one of my outings, a young, curious alligator came up for a closer look.  Although only about 4-5 feet long, this alligator was still a powerful hunter.  We both kept a respectful distance from each other.